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Alex Tucker, Fred Tucker, Gabriel Morato, Gabriela Amboss, Juliana Jordão, K.B., Lucas Jordão,
Manuela Barker, M.B., Natalia Morato, Nina Jordão

BrazilFoundation Youth Council Connecticut

BrazilFoundation is a non-profit that mobilizes resources for ideas and actions that transform Brazil.

In 2016 BrazilFoundation created a Youth Council – a committee of eleven Brazilian teens living abroad who are interested in helping Brazil. By creating this council, BrazilFoundation hopes to form a new generation of supporters that is committed to philanthropy and social causes in Brazil. The council is being mentored by long-time volunteers Maurício Morato and Marcia Tucker.

By promoting fundraising events and actions, these teens will raise resources for social projects of their choice in Brazil. In 2017 funds will support initiatives (“OPs”) through the Community Innovation Award.

Here are some of the initiatives supported in 2016: