Your impact in 2020 in the fight against COVID-19

Our campaign “BrazilFoundation in Action – Together Against COVID-19” launched in March mobilized R$11 million in 2020 for 65 organizations throughout Brazil – seven of which were located in the Amazon – to help vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19. Through this support, these organizations helped over 45,000 families by providing them with more than 110,000 food baskets and hygienic products. We thank all who contributed to make this possible!

See some of the work made possible through the campaign below:


Brumadinho/Belo Horizonte, MG
Food baskets, fresh produce and hygiene products provided to families


Mulher em Construção (Luz Alliance)

Porto Alegre, RS
Debit cards distributed to women participants of the project to purchase food and hygiene products


Lar Feliz (Luz Alliance)

Juazeiro, BA
Food baskets, cleaning and hygiene products and info packets provided to extremely vulnerable families



Maceió, AL
Cleaning and hygiene products, food baskets and nutritional supplements for kids distributed


Ballet Paraisópolis

São Paulo, SP
Food baskets, hygiene kits, masks and hand sanitizer, along with personalized info packets provided for the ballet students