From 1980, the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, to June 2011, Brazil registered 608,230 cases of HIV/AIDS of which 56% are concentrated in the country’s’ Southeast region.   On World’s AIDS Day, the Brazilian Government Campaign emphasizes the need to discuss the AIDS spread among Brazilian young gay men between the ages of15 and 24, and among  the HIV/AIDS community.

The participation of the society is essential to fight this epidemic.

Seiva - Serviço de Esperança e Incentivo à Vida Agora

Seiva, a BrazilFoundation partner organization located in Ilha Solteira, in the state of Sao Paulo,  has been working since SINCE 1993 on HIV / AIDS and sexual diversity related issues in Ilha Solteira, in the state of Sao PaulO. SEIVA has also supported the  local LGBTT community – a movement that is stigmatized and marginalized in many areas of the country. In recent years, due to the increased number of cases of HIV / AIDS among young LGBTT, the institution also has promoteD HIV/AIDS prevention, family support and integration , and public policy in defense of equal rights and sexual orientation.