Success! Yesterday in Miami BrazilFoundation kicked off the Women for Women Project, an initiative of the Women’s Fund with the goal of educating women about philanthropy, and connecting and engaging women leaders to create change through collective and targeted giving. The Project raised more than US$ 15,000 towards its goal of US$ 100,000 to fund 10 projects that support opportunities for women in Brazil.

More than 25 women gathered at the event to support the new Project, which included a special talk from Maria de Lourdes of Casa de Santa Ana. Those who were present yesterday have already begun to share the project with other supporters not only in Miami, but around the United States and in Brazil too.  Anyone can support the Project by either donating or hosting an event. Learn morehere.

“I’m sure the Women For Women campaign will be a huge success. Today was just the first step.    Let’s do it! Because courageous and resilient women such as Maria de Lourdes deserve our  dedication.” -Claudia D’Orey, Co-Chair of the Women for Women Project in Miami

 Meanwhile, the movement is spreading; women are already signing up to lead the campaign in Rio  de Janeiro. Leona Forman, Founder of BrazilFoundation, along with Karen and Karina Lassner  have joined the Women for Women Leadership Committee.

 “I have worked in development for more than 35 years and have learned that if you want to make  social change, invest in women. If you want to make long-lasting change, invest in women’s  education. BrazilFoundation’s Women for Women Project provides the opportunity for all of  us, as women, to invest in the future of Brazil through women.” Karen Lassner, Member of  the Womem for Women Leadership Committee in Rio de Janeiro.