A Tribute to Januário Garcia

A priceless loss! Brazil loses Januário Garcia, a black photographer, and activist who portrayed the trajectory of blacks and the struggle of the Brazilian black movement for over 40 years, making up the most important photographic collection about the movement in the country. Januário was co-founder of the Black Culture Research Institute, a member of the Zumbi Memorial Council, and President of the Januário Garcia Institute.

In February, in the month of Black History, he spoke with our CEO Rebecca Tavares, a longtime friend, to tell us about his trajectory. Here again we share this conversation, a historical document for us.

Januário was a victim of Covid-19 in Brazil, which continues to lose thousands of people daily. Almost 520 thousand Brazilian lives have been interrupted. We send our warmest hugs to Januário’s family and friends and to all the families who have also lost someone dear to Covid-19.

Discover Januário’s work at www.januariogarcia.com.br.⁠⁠


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