A Message from Our President and CEO, Patricia Lobaccaro

Dear friends and partners,

For the past nine years, I had the great honor and privilege of leading BrazilFoundation as its president and CEO. I began this journey almost 18 years ago, as a volunteer and donor, then as a Board Member, and most recently as its president and CEO since 2010. I thank BrazilFoundation’s inspiring founder, Leona Forman, and our Board of Directors for the trust bestowed upon me, which shaped me as a citizen, human being and professional, and gave me the opportunity to impact Brazilian philanthropy.

During this journey of almost two decades, I had the privilege of getting to know a Brazil that few people see. As I travelled to the furthest corners of the country, visiting small towns and the dynamic peripheries of urban centers, down dirt roads in rural areas, visiting indigenous villages and riverside communities, I observed challenges, but, witnessed immense courage, creativity and strength. I have been inspired by the work of grassroots and civil society organizations and their leaders, whose work is vital to Brazil in addressing its various social challenges, and for which funding remains crucial. I analyzed thousands of project proposals with humility, understanding that those were the hopes and dreams of a more just Brazil, which taught me to recognize that risks are worth facing.

I have also been moved by the generosity of our donors and volunteers. From the French executive who sailed across the Atlantic to raise funds for projects in favelas, to the garbage recycler Rafael Bahia (in memoriam) who made a donation equivalent to one day of his work, and the countless children who filled donation cans in support of the {abrace o Brasil} campaign, I have witnessed countless acts of generosity and citizenship, which motivated me to grow as a leader who can make a difference.

Looking back on my time at BrazilFoundation, with the support of the Board and dedication of my staff we have confronted challenges and accomplished many things. I want to take a moment to reflect on some of our achievements together: we raised over 35 million dollars since 2011, organized galas on 3 continents, and made philanthropy more inclusive and accessible. We improved transparency and accountability and were recognized as one of Brazil’s 100 best NGOs. As a grant maker, we innovated by launching Brazil’s first participatory grant making initiative, pioneered opportunities for collaboration and methodology exchange among our grantees, and developed partnerships and co-investment opportunities, benefiting over 500 NGOs and 150 collectives.

Today BrazilFoundation has become a landmark in Brazilian philanthropy. The Foundation will continue to blossom under new leadership with its new president and CEO. I believe the Foundation will be in great hands to continue its mission to promote equality, justice and opportunity in Brazil.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all who participated in this incredible journey: my dedicated team and Board, our donors, volunteers and partners, and especially the NGOs making Brazil a better place. I look forward to staying in touch with each of you through Linkedin and Instagram as I continue my career in the philanthropic sector.

With gratitude,

Patricia Lobaccaro
President and CEO


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