BrazilFoundation Women’s Fund Receives Donation From Tiffany to Invest in Girls’ Empowerment in Brazil

Investing in initiatives that promote women and girls’ autonomy and empowerment has been a commitment of BrazilFoundation since its founding 20 years ago. In 2014, it created the Women’s Fund to systematically streamline resources for these means. Since then, the Foundation has invested roughly R$1.8 million in 31 organizations.

To join these efforts and recognize this work, Tiffany has announced that it will be making a donation to BrazilFoundation’s Women’s Fund, which will be directed to initiatives that are promoting girls’ empowerment in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Since 2014, more than 2,700 women and girls throughout Brazil have been impacted by the Women’s Fund. Nine organizations are receiving investments this year, with their results to be recognized at the end of their grant cycle in 2021. All of the supported initiatives work to guarantee that women and girls have access to their rights and to quality healthcare and education, while helping to prevent violence and discrimination and promote their financial independence, with impact extending to their families and communities.

“Gender equality and women’s autonomy are fundamental to achieving healthy, more human social and economic development. Since our founding, we have invested in organizations that promote womens’ and girls’ development across Brazil, with a focus on economic and social justice ”, says Rebecca Tavares, President and CEO of BrazilFoundation.

“This partnership with BrazilFoundation has been a long-time dream. Tiffany is honored to be part of this project of creating new female leaders. We believe that women have a “multiplier” role and the potential to influence and transform the lives of those around them ”, says Maximiliano Suffriti, general director of Tiffany Brasil.