Jaborandy Tupinambá and Constance Launey representing Thydêwá at the Brésils en Mouvements Festival

The NGO Autres Brésils selected the film: “INDÍGENAS DIGITAIS” (“DIGITAL INDIGENOUS”) directed by Sebastián Gerlic and invited Thydêwá, a BrazilFoundation grantee in 2004 and 2011, to attend the seventh edition of the Brésils en Mouvements Festival. This festival is Europe’s premier event dedicated to Brazilian social documentary, and took place from June 13th  through the 19th, in Paris. Jaborandy Tupinambá, who is in the film and participates in several of Thydêwá’s projects, screened the film and participated in a debate on the topic of “The Indian and the Media.”

Constance Launey, a supporter and friend of Thydêwá, speaks about the organization at the Brésils en Mouvements Festival

Thydêwá was founded in 2002 in Bahia with the objective of promoting intercultural dialogue to reduce prejudice and violence. In 2010 it was named a Point of Culture and won the Digital Culture award, given by the Ministry of Culture, for the use of new communication technologies and information in the fight for rights and the preservation of indigenous culture.

The film “INDÍGENAS DIGITAIS” recounts the experiences of the www.indiosonline.org.br network, which includes members of various Indian nations, such as Tupinambá (BA), Pataxó Hãhãhãe (BA), Kariri-Xocó (AL), and Pankararu (PE), among others. The film demonstrates how digital technologies like cell phones, cameras, and especially the Internet, are important tools for indigenous communities and their relationship with the world. To learn more about the film, visit: www.indigenasdigitais.org.