Desenvolvimento Socioeconomico BrazilFoundation

Socioeconomic Development & Sustainable Livelihoods 

According to Oxfam, Brazil is the 9th most unequal in the world among 189 countries (2017). Recently the number of Brazilians living in extreme poverty has increased, with 15 million living on up to US$1.90 per day (IBGE, 2018). Furthermore, income inequality stopped decreasing for the first time in 15 years (Oxfam, 2018). In fact, in a study by IDH, Brazil ranks 79th out of 179 countries in health, education and income quality (PNUD, 2018). Investing in social initiatives can help promote development democratically across Brazil.

Investing in social initiatives that foster creativity and innovation can help boost local markets and promote economic and social development in a democratic and equitable manner. We invest in themes including: entrepreneurship and small businesses, innovation and income generation, market access, sustainable natural resource production, and community engagement.

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