direitos humanos


Human Rights & Race and Gender Equity


In a country so unequal like Brazil, fundamental human rights are not guaranteed for all, especially for women, people of african or indigenous descent, and the LGBTQ population. Brazil has the highest transgender murder rate in the world (NGO Transgender Europe, 2018) and the 5th highest femicide rate, for example (WHO, 2015). Along with this, 71% of homicide victims are black (Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública, 2018). And poor use or public resources, a fragile political system and weak civic engagement aggravate this situation. Increased Brazilian interest in politics over the past few years, especially among youth, has been met with the urgency to address human rights, representation and public transparency concerns.

By engaging civil society, we can uphold rights, fight abuse and discrimination, and promote equality. We invest in initiatives that help guarantee rights, promote community engagement, provide advocacy, leadership development and political education.

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