Produced by Board Member Karin Dauch and movie director Gabriel Menes, the three videos showed during the Gala moved all the guests. Each one of them portrays stories of a person who had his or her life transformed by a BrazilFoundation grantee. Their stories symbolize our work. With completely different backgrounds, and from different places of Brazil, Fabiana, Seu Mundinho and Rohan’s trajectories have one thing in common: the pivotal difference organizations like Quixote, Fundação Brazil Cidadão and Insituto Arte Show Vigia had in their lives. We are proud to share their stories with you and we are very proud to have partnered with these organizations. Projeto Quixote and Fabiana: [youtube=] Fundação Brasil Cidadão and Seu Mundinho: [youtube=] Instituto Musical Arte Show Vigia and Rohan: [youtube=]