Investing in Institutional Development

Learn how the organizations that received this line of support in 2018 used their grants

Leveraging institutional potential to create a greater impact: this is the objective of BrazilFoundation’s annual line of support for institutional development. In 2018 ten of our grantees received R$ 80,000 each to improve internal operations and management according to their specific needs. Now one year later, these investments have resulted in significant advances in their governance, management and sustainability, allowing them to improve the quality of their work, expand their activities and increase impact.

Maria Cecilia, Director of Programs at BrazilFoundation, explains why these resources are so crucial for helping organizations achieve long-term sustainability, “Funds for institutional development – which are hard to come by in the nonprofit sector – provide an opportunity [for organizations] to abandon a short-term, survival mindset that is often the reality for many who are struggling to keep their doors open during this current crisis in the sector. [This investment] helps them to plan for the future, and provide the conditions for them to realize their missions and create a greater, more sustainable impact. ” she says.

Here are some of the reported results:

WimBelemDon Fortalecimento Institucional BrazilFoundation Porto Alegre Tenis


Sport, education, and culture to help children and teenagers grow in Porto Alegre (RS)

Wimbelemdon provided lessons for the team, hired a communications professional, bought computers and servers, and improved its fundraising methods. As a result, it was able to raise more money in donations and increase the total number of students served.

We’ve seen that the donations have allowed us to achieve many positive results, many of which still have lots of potential for growth.” – Marcelo Ruschel, Founder

Lar Feliz Fortalecimento Institucional Juazeiro Bahia educação BrazilFoundation

Fundação Lar Feliz

Education and health for children and families in situations of high social vulnerability in Juazeiro (BA)

The Lar Feliz Foundation used many of its resources to hire a management and fundraising specialist, modernize its website and brand, formulate a sustainability plan, and strengthen its presence on social media. All of these improvements resulted in more efficient management, an increase in the number of volunteers and donors, as well as a greater visibility for their work.

With all of these elaborate plans, we will now work with a sense of direction, which will for sure lead us in a more organized way.” – Maria da Ressurreição, Founder and Managing Director

Ipedi Fortalecimento institucional BrazilFoundation indígenas pantanal ribeirinhos Ipedi Fortalecimento institucional BrazilFoundation indígenas pantanal ribeirinhos miranda


Education to strengthen identity in indigenous communities in Miranda (MS)

IPEDI streamlined their workflow and processes with theirExecutive Board, purchased new computer equipment, formulated a new communications plan, and trained a team for fundraising. With this progress and a stronger institutional vision, Ipedi intends to replicate its social technology for education in other cities.

We didn’t feel comfortable in long-term planning because of the limited resources we had in each of the projects (…) but now, we believe we’re capable of taking on this challenge in a much more concrete manner…” – Denise Silva, President

Fazendo Historia Fortalecimento institucional BrazilFoundation Acolhimento Adoção são Paulo Fazendo Historia Fortalecimento institucional BrazilFoundation Acolhimento Adoção são Paulo

Instituto Fazendo História

Independence and life projects for children and young people in foster care and shelters in São Paulo

Instituto Fazendo História formulated an institutional plan, developed indicators to measure success and progress, and created a new department of advocacy to promote changes in public policies for young people in shelters. With this, the institute prevented harmful laws from being passed, as well as contributed to plans and programs related to foster care in São Paulo.

Acreditar Fortalecimento Institucional Pernambuco BrazilFoundation empreendedorismo  Acreditar Fortalecimento Institucional


Training young entrepreneurs to improve the management of their businesses in Glória do Goitá (PE)

Acreditar collected and analyzed the data of small local businesses, formed enterprises, gathered resources to offer more credit, and expanded its services in communities. Some results included a formalized evaluation method, a united vision for the future, and a 50% increase in the number of people they reached.

ADETT Fortalecimento Institucional Ceará BrazilFoundation empreendedorismo


Providing income generation opportunities for young people of the Cearan semiarid through the technology market in Tauá (CE)

ADETT rented and built a private space for entrepreneurial workshops, trained its participants, and expanded its efforts to find partners and fundraise. It improved its management, resulting in significant changes in its organizational structure, as well as expanded its activities. With this investment, it was able to reach more young people and help them formalize their brands.

Casa do Rio Fortalecimento Institucional Amazonia Amazonas BrazilFoundation ribeirinhos  Casa do Rio Fortalecimento Institucional Amazonia Amazonas BrazilFoundation ribeirinhos

Casa do Rio

Promoting sustainable economic development and strengthening identity in riverside communities in Careiro (AM)

Casa do Rio hired professionals, transferred its headquarters from São Paulo to Careiro (where it realizes its activities), launched its website, created communications and institutional development plans, and consolidated partnerships. The changes helped to strengthen its management, as well as increase fundraising by 1000%.

This process prompted us to research and deepen our knowledge in this area [institutional development], which now became an institutional process for us, and without which we wouldn’t be able to move on.” – Thiago Cavalli, Founder and Director

Circo Laheto Fortalecimento Institucional Goiânia BrazilFoundation  Circo Laheto Fortalecimento Institucional Goiânia BrazilFoundation

Circo Laheto

Art and culture to promote social and personal development in children and teenagers in Goiânia (GO)

Circo Laheto reorganized its processes, invested in both communications and its team, upgraded its facilities and equipment, and bought materials for activities. This made the artistic and pedagogical areas more qualified, created a greater potential of revenues, and increased its number of students and events.

Favela Fortalecimento Institucional BrazilFoundation Belo Horizonte empreendedorismo favelado  Favela Fortalecimento Institucional BrazilFoundation Belo Horizonte empreendedorismo favelado


Entrepreneurial training and business acceleration in Morro do Papagaio, Belo Horizonte (MG)

Fa.Vela rented a room to host workshops, improved its management, tested its new methods to model projects, and developed a free app for entrepreneurs to control their finances. Through the workshops, the number of young people that were able to put their ideas into practice reached 67%.

We’ve achieved the best possible results, it was a moment where the organization reflected on the past, present, and our vision for the future.” – João Souza, Founder and President

Universidade da Correria Fortalecimento Institucional BrazilFoundation Rio de Janeiro Empreendedorismo

Universidade da Correria

Entrepreneurship and social innovation for young people in low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

The University of Correria changed their leadership and management and hosted free, short courses about finances and communications. The new leadership intends to utilize distance-learning tools to reach more aspiring entrepreneurs.