Corporate Sponsor – LCM Commodities

LCM Commodities, of New York, has made the first Corporate Sponsorship grant to the Carioca Fund with a pledge of US$300,000, to be disbursed over three years. The support from LCM has enabled the Carioca Fund to launch a citywide call for proposals, described below. LCM is a leader in recognizing the importance of building human capital where corporate investments look for business success.

Corporate Partner – Tyco International
The first corporate partnership targeted toward training youth in the specialized skills needed for the job market came from TYCO International. The company is making a US$120,000 social investment in the Carioca Fund toward a company-sponsored training program for young Cariocas. The training will provide skills for electronic security equipment installation and monitoring for TYCO’s clients, which include Petrobras, airports and hotels. TYCO’s social investment policy goes hand in hand with their financial investments.

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