Leona Forman, Jessica Morris, Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro

On March 26, the BrazilFoundation’s Founding President Leona Forman gave a lecture at the University of Miami – School of Law. Welcomed by Jessica Morris, Leona talked about her work at the United Nations and what triggered her to found BrazilFoundation.


“I was surprised by the invitation to address law students at the University of Miami on the subject I then called My Personal Journey: from the UN to BrazilFoundation. How would I bridge between a 20-year career with the UN Department of Public Information and the 12 years I have dedicated to developing  BrazilFoundation?”, said Leona.


“I left the United Nations in 2000, when the Secretariat and Governments were working on the Millennium Goals, and suggested that the Millennium Assembly be an opportunity for heads of states to re-dedicate their countries to International Rule of Law. I am pleased to acknowledge that was the first of the Treaty Events, which now in its 13th edition in September, will be dedicated to discussing International Rule of Law and all treaties.


In this spirit, treaties, conventions and customary law are here to help build a legal basis for political commitment; commitment in support of social leaders who are fighting against poverty, against discrimination, protecting the environment, raising awareness about rights and responsibilities. And these are the people BrazilFoundation supports. This is where my two experiences come together!”


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