CAPS 6th Poetry Procession

Centro de Arte e Promoção Social (CAPS) held its 6th poetry procession on October 25th, spreading culture throughout the streets in the southern region of São Paulo. From Grajaú to Parelheiros, 200 people, 20 cars, two buses and one van participated in the poetry reading that lasted 12 hours. Created by poet and educator Maria […]

ESPOCC Launches Website to Connect Youth from Low-Income Neighborhoods

The site “OnLaje” was launched this week, aiming to connect youth from the favelas and low-income neighborhoods across Brazil. A capstone project created by the students at ESPOCC, the site is designed to”give voice to the low-income areas of Rio de Janeiro.” ESPOCC is a project of Observatorio de Favelas, an organization supported by BrazilFoundation since […]