Edital 2016

As inscrições para o Edital 2016 estão encerradas. As organizações SELECIONADAS para receber o apoio serão divulgadas no site da BrazilFoundation no dia 11 de maio de 2016. EDITAL 2016 – REGULAMENTO    I – Apresentação A BrazilFoundation investe em organizações da sociedade civil sem fins lucrativos, alinhadas com sua missão de apoiar iniciativas que contribuam […]

Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival – Sept.13th

The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF) promotes Brazilian cinema since 2008, creating a showcase for Brazilian visual arts in the “Mecca of Filmmaking”, enabling the exchange of experiences between Brazilian and American film and media professionals, and encouraging new talent. Over this period LABRFF has shown hundreds of films that won critical recognition and received commercial […]

ESPOCC Launches Website to Connect Youth from Low-Income Neighborhoods

The site “OnLaje” was launched this week, aiming to connect youth from the favelas and low-income neighborhoods across Brazil. A capstone project created by the students at ESPOCC, the site is designed to”give voice to the low-income areas of Rio de Janeiro.” ESPOCC is a project of Observatorio de Favelas, an organization supported by BrazilFoundation since […]

2015 Awards Ceremony at Bloomberg

Project leaders and BrazilFoundation supporters convened at Bloomberg in São Paulo for the 2015 BrazilFoundation Awards Ceremony. Leaders from the 45 organizations selected to receive support in 2015 presented their projects and held discussions with BrazilFoundation partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers from around the world.

Building Bridges and Encouraging Collaboration: Ana Beatriz Barros Visits Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente

Building bridges and encouraging collaboration – Ana Beatriz Barros, friend and supporter of BrazilFoundation, visited Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente in Parelheiros, São Paulo, last Friday. After several years of supporting BrazilFoundation’s efforts through galas, this was the first time that Ana Beatriz had the opportunity to take a site visit to a BrazilFoundation grantee and witness their work firsthand. […]

CHANEL Will Present the II Gala São Paulo

Preparations for the II BrazilFoundation Gala São Paulo are already underway, with nearly 2 months until the event. We are thrilled to announce that CHANEL will be the presenting sponsor of the gala, to be held May 25th at Sala São Paulo. With the theme “Youth Transforming Brazil”, this edition of the gala will honor four young Brazilians […]

Ideas That Transform Brazil: Social Entrepreneurism

Social entrepreneurship – that was the theme of the night for a talk organized by BrazilFoundation on Thursday in Rio de Janeiro. Held at the residence of BrazilFoundation founder Leona Forman, partners and supporters came together to hear from two prominent social leaders: Anderson France, “Dinho”, of Universidade da Correria, and Rene Silva, of the newspaper Voz […]