2011 Annual Report

It is with pleasure and gratitude to all BrazilFoundation donors, partners and volunteers that we share our Annual Report with the results of 2011. Among this year’s achievements, we can highlight the creation of Fundo Carioca (Carioca Fund) and our continuing expansion with the beginning of activities at BrazilFoundation Australia and the inauguration of the […]

BrazilFoundation launches Project Selection Call for Proposals Throughout Brazil

In keeping with its mission to support programs that lead to the transformation of social reality in Brazil, the BrazilFoundation launches, for the eleventh consecutive year, its Annual Project Selection. Civil society, non-governmental, and non-profit organizations bearing no affiliation to political or religious organizations can present their proposals, in compliance with the established bid rules, […]

Organization offering assistance to victims of domestic violence presents conference paper at international conference

Silence is one of the greatest challenges in the fight against domestic violence, a crime that primarily affects women. Supported by the BrazilFoundation in 2010, Chegando Perto (Getting Closer) is a pilot project that was developed by SOS Ação Mulher Família (SOS Action for Women and Family) of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, with the objective of […]

CEPFS receives two more award for work in semi-arid regions of Paraiba

The Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social (Center for Popular Education and Social Formation, or, CEPFS)—an organization supported by the BrazilFoundation since 2006—received the Prêmio Planeta Casa 2012 (House Planet Award) in São Paulo on October 3, 2012.  An initiative of Revista Casa (House Magazine)—a publication of Editora Abril (April Publishing House)—this award is […]

Building a dream

“One day we decided to dream and believe that through cooperation it might be possible to overcome the cruel statistics about education in our region. In the beginning we were doubtful, but then we looked around and there were so many others like us, willing to walk with us, and we walked. We have seen […]

Ambassador for BrazilFoundation Australia Visits the Foundation Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro

The Ambassador for BrazilFoundation Australia, famous Australian football player Harry O’Brien, visited the Foundation office in Rio de Janeiro on November 9th. He was received by the executive director of the BrazilFoundation, Susane Worcman, and he thoroughly charmed the members of the foundation team. During his visit, Harry spoke of the struggles he has overcome […]

The Only Brazilian to Play Australian Football Professionally is Named Ambassador for BrazilFoundation of Australia

The only Brazilian to play Australian football (a variation of rugby) professionally, Harry O’Brien, was named the ambassador for BrazilFoundation of Australia on this past August 15th. The athlete works with social projects in Brazil, Australia and Oceania.   Harry was born in Morro da Serrinha, in Madureira, zona norte (the northern zone) of the […]

Instituto Tear celebrates more than one decade of work

  Celebrating the 2000’s Decade, an Instituto Arte de Tear (Art Loom Institute) event will commemorate another decade of this organization’s operations, the organization having been founded in 1980. The event will consist of photos, videos, music, and artistic and cultural activities.   BrazilFoundation has supported the institution since 2006 through Projeto Tear de Histórias […]

Organization supported by BrazilFoundation receives Sustainability Award

The Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social (Center for Popular and Social Education, or,CEPFS), an organization supported by BrazilFoundation since 2006, received the Prêmio Planeta Casa 2012 (House Planet Award), in São Paulo on October 3rd, 2012.  An initiative of Revista Casa (House Magazine), a publication of Editora Abril (April Publishing House), this award […]

Carlyle Institute and BrazilFoundation close the bid

On August 30th, the Edital do Instituto Carlyle Brasil (Carlyle Brazil Institute Bid) was closed, made through a partnership with BrazilFoundation, to support civil society organizations that work in the field of education in São Paulo. The Carlyle Institute is an initiative of the Grupo Carlyle (Carlyle Group) workers and supporters – one of the […]

BrazilFoundation took part in a Philanthropy Conference in Berkeley

Invited by the InterAmerican Foundation (IAF), BrazilFoundation participated in the “GrantmakersWithout Borders” 12th Annual Conference in September. This year the event focused on “How Philanthropy Can Meet the Challenges of Our Time”.  The event was held onSeptember 5-7-th, in Berkeley, California. Patricia Lobaccaro, BrazilFoundation’s CEO, and Cecília Oswaldo Cruz, Program Manager, talked about the mobilization […]

The videos that moved the New York Gala’s guests

Produced by Board Member Karin Dauch and movie director Gabriel Menes, the three videos showed during the Gala moved all the guests. Each one of them portrays stories of a person who had his or her life transformed by a BrazilFoundation grantee. Their stories symbolize our work. With completely different backgrounds, and from different places […]

Internship Program

During the summer months of July and August, BrazilFoundation’s team was supported by four interns: Nathalia Abi-Ackel, from Brasilia; Victoria Abreu, from Geneva; Philip Rothaus and Jamiah Harris, from New York. Nathalia is studying Communications and Law at Centro Universitário de Brasília (CEUB). Victoria attends high school at Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland. Jamiah […]

String Orchestra of Grota launches CD in honor of his 15 years

The Grota Cultural Space of Surucucu, Niterói offers diverse activities in music, art, culture, education, and citizenship for the local population. One of the activities is the Orquestra de Cordas da Grota, which launched a commemorative CD in June to mark its 15th year, and to open a photo-history exposition. The performance happened in Solar […]

Introducing BrazilFoundation of Australia

When the carioca André Levy returned to Brazil, 12 years ago, after attending a master’s degree at Stanford, in California, BrazilFoundation had just been founded in New York as one of the first international organizations in order to direct investments in social and environmental projects in the country. At that time, the mathematician and master […]

10th Anniversary Gala – Introducing the Honorees

It has been nearly ten years since BrazilFoundation held its first Gala in New York in 2003. This year’s event will be held on September 19th at the American Museum of Natural History. As we celebrate the tenth installment of the Annual Gala, the foundation will honor the Gala’s founder and chair of its first […]

Another success for Paralympic athletes of APARU

The Bocha Association of Paraplegics of Uberlândia participated in the Regional Championship of Midwest Bocha and placed second overall.  The event, put on by the National Association of Sports for the Disabled (ANDE), happened July 12 – 15 and involved nearly 50 athletes from Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Bocha Paralympics is […]

The People’s School of Paramoti: Passing on the Lesson

The graduate of a college preparatory program for young people from rural areas of the state of Ceará, Aurenir Luz created a similar program to help students around the small city of Paramoti The Paramoti district has a population of just over 11 million, half of which is rural. Travel to the larger city of […]

Gastromotiva: Recipe for Success

Founded in 2006 to provide professional training in the culinary arts, 90% of Gastromotiva’s alumni find formal employment in the field. At 18 years old, David Hertz wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, so he decided that the best thing to do was travel. He went to Israel to live on […]

BrazilFoundation Grantee receives award at Rio+20

Last Saturday, BrazilFoundation grantee Fundação Brasil Cidadão was awarded at a Rio+20 side event the “Atlantic Forest Market Seal”, a certificate of socio-environmental stewardship for initiatives working in Brazil’s coastal woodlands. The program, Mulheres de Corpo e Algas (Women of Body and Algae), supports the women of Icapuí in harvesting and processing algae into a […]

The Carlyle Institute and BrazilFoundation

The opening of the Carlyle Brazil Institute, the Carlyle Group, a worldwide leading private equity firm, marks the beginning of its work in Brazil’s social area. In partnership with BrazilFoundation, the Institute has opened a Request for Proposals in support of civil society organizations that work in the field of education in Sao Paulo. BrazilFoundation […]

Enthusiasm and commitment abound during the Training Workshop event for this year’s grantees

Every year BrazilFoundation holds the Training Workshop event in Rio de Janeiro to welcome leaders of grantee organizations with the objective of exchanging knowledge and ideas so they can carry on their work. On May 4th through 7th, 58 leaders of the 28 grantee organizations selected for support through the Annual Selection Process and 6 […]

Open Call for Proposals begins for Youth in Action for Rio’s Urban Art.

Youth 15-30 years of age from communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro who develop urban artistic activities can participate in the proposal process which is organized by the Carioca Fund in partnership with and sponsored by LCM Commodities. Submissions may include  graffiti art, sculpture and installations, and artistic visual work. Applications will be accepted from June 1st through June 30th. For more information visit, please visit: (In Portuguese)

The II Benefit Festa Junina Children Helping Children brings together families and friends in New York

BrazilFoundation and Brazil Child Health teamed up one once again to promote the II Benefit Festa Junina Children Helping Children, on June 3rd, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, in Manhattan. The event brought more than 700 guests together in a traditional Brazilian Folk celebration to raise funds for projects in education and health for children in […]

BrazilFoundation was featured on Globo Tv’s Programa Ação

The program, which is presented by Serginho Groisman and was aired on Saturday, May 19th, showcases BrazilFoundation’s work in Brazil and in New York throughout the past 10 years. Ação also followed Clarissa Worcman, our Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, during her visit to projects in the northeast region. To watch, Click here (In Portuguese)

BrazilFoundation in Cannes, the Foundation’s first event in Europe

Fashion Gives Back, new online platform for fashion and lifestyle influencers to raise awareness and funds for global social causes, chose BrazilFoundation to be the benefiting non-profit organization at its pre-launch event in Cannes.   BrazilFoundation in Cannes was a dinner for 80 guests held on Saturday May 19th 2012 at the enchanted Villa L’Abri […]

“Brasil: A Magical Journey” raises funds for BrazilFoundation

The atmosphere was yellow and green at the Macy’s world-famous flagship store at Herald Square with a Carnaval-inspired celebration featuring the fashion, food, music, dance and art of Brazil on Tuesday, May 15th . The event raised funds for an initiative of the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas – IPE (The Institute for Ecological Research), in partnership with BrazilFoundation, benefiting 70 families in the […]

Macy’s “Brasil: A Magical Journey” live streaming tonight

Brasil: A Magical Journey, Macy’s  salute to Brazil kicks off tonight in New York City with a celebration featuring the fashion, food, music, dance and art of Brazil. Don’t miss the event’s live streaming on Facebook! Click here  to follow this special celebration, which will include  a special presentation by Bebel Gilberto and Sergio Mendes, and much […]

Macy’s “Brasil: A Magical Journey” tomorrow in benefit of BrazilFoundation at Herald Square

Brasil: A Magical Journey, Macy’s seasonal salute to South America’s Brazil kicks off on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at the retailer’s world-famous flagship at Herald Square with a Carnaval-inspired celebration featuring the fashion, food, music, dance and art of Brazil. The enchanting evening will bring the best of Brazil to New York City’s most iconic […]

Project Selection Event and Workshops for the 2012 Grantees begin today in Conservatoria, Rio de Janeiro

From May 4th to the 7th, BrazilFoundation welcomes 58 leaders of the organizations selected for support via the Annual Selection Process and 6 organizations supported through the Carioca Fund in the town of Conservatoria, Rio de Janeiro, to kick off the 2012 grant cycle and promote workshops in management, planning and communications. In attendance are Susane Worcman, BrazilFoundation’s Vice President and Executive Director, Patricia Lobaccaro, President and CEO, and Leona Forman, Founder President. Also […]

2012 Annual Project Selection: Get to know the 27 grantees

The Project Selection 2012 process ended in April with the selection of 27 organizations that will be supported this year with the resources of the IX BrazilFoundation Annual Gala held in New York in 2011. The success of the first BrazilFoundation Gala Miami enabled the support of six organizations that work to generate opportunities and […]

TALK SERIES: Teresa Corção, founder of Instituto Maniva

On April 03, in New York, the accomplished Chef and activist Teresa Corção, owner of renowned restaurant “O Navegador” in Rio de Janeiro, discussed the role of food as a tool for social and environmental transformation as part of the BrazilFoundation Talk Series – Ideas that Transform Brazil.   Teresa spoke about her work at […]

TALK SERIES: BrazilFoundation’s Founding President Leona Forman talked at University of Miami

On March 26, the BrazilFoundation’s Founding President Leona Forman gave a lecture at the University of Miami – School of Law. Welcomed by Jessica Morris, Leona talked about her work at the United Nations and what triggered her to found BrazilFoundation.   “I was surprised by the invitation to address law students at the University […]

Donor Advised Program: Instituto Peabiru and the Wild Bees Honey Program

The Sustainable Amazon Partnership (SAP) is a program that promotes lasting sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, focusing on the conservation of the Açaí palm tree and on the improvement of the conditions of its supply chain. The program is led by Sambazon, an Acai-based company, and also has the support of other companies such […]

I BraziFoundation Gala MIAMI: a memorable evening

On a beautiful night in Miami, more than 300 guests packed the W South Beach Hotel & Residences to honor the first BrazilFoundation Gala in Miami.  A dream of founding president, Leona Forman, since she began the institution, finally became a reality.  “It’s very exciting to achieve this new chapter,” said Leona.   Helio Castroneves, […]

BrazilFoundation Theater Group Featured in 7th GIFE Congress

BrazilFoundation’s theater group, Artistas de Nós, was invited by the Grupo de Institutos, Fundações e Empresas (GIFE) to open two workshops at the GIFE Congress, which took place in São Paulo, March 26-30. The event, which this year explored the theme “New Frontiers of Social Investment,” is the premiere conference on social investment in Brazil. […]

In Partnership with BrazilFoundation, the Carlyle Group Releases Call for Proposal for Projects Supporting Education

Inaugurated on the 29th of March, Instituto Carlyle Brasil commenced activities with the release of a Call for Proposals that will support organizations in the educational sector. It will be released on the BrazilFoundation’s website during the month of April. Looking to benefit from BrazilFoundation’s expertise developed over 10 years of leadership in the sector, […]

BrazilFoundation’s Vice President represented Brazil at the Leadership Awards Fellowship Program in Australia

BrazilFoundation’s Vice President and Executive Director Susane Worcman represented Brazil at the Leadership Awards Fellowship Program in Queensland University of Technology, QUT, in Brisbane, Australia. Susane was specially impressed with the quality of life in the country.“It’s remarkable to experience the profound impact of a citizen-centered government, one that is focused on education and on the care […]

March 8, International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day let us pause and reflect on all the important contributions made by women everywhere , whose commitment, passion and caring inspire us every day. Today we celebrate the community leaders, donors and volunteers who have been partnering with us to create positive change. Meet Rita Auxiliadora, who since 1997 has […]

Isabeli Fontana, Helio Castroneves, Romero Britto, Cacá, Sean and Anthony de Souza, are confirmed to the first Brazilfoundation Gala MIAMI

Less than a month before the first BrazilFoundation Gala MIAMI, which will take place on March 27, at the W South Beach Hotel & Residences, we are pleased to confirm new details that will enhance the already sold-out event. Lorenzo Martone, who was confirmed as Master of Ceremonies, will join forces with the Brazilian supermodel […]

Students of the Grota String Orchestra celebrate graduation in Music

BrazilFoundation witnessed another achievement on the part of Grota String Orchestra: six young students of the Orchestra graduated in Music at the end of 2011. The students celebrated their success with parents, teachers, and friends. Some are moving on to the University to continue studying Music and others are preparing to pass the University entrance […]

Cocktail reception to launch the 1st BrazilFoundation Gala MIAMI

A cocktail reception was held on February 11 at the residence of Paulo and Maria Carolina Tavares de Melo, to officially launch the first BrazilFoundation Gala in Miami, which will take place on March 27, at the W South Beach Hotel & Residences. Maria Carolina, one of the co-chairs of the Gala, alongside Daniela Fonseca, […]

BrazilFoundation Annual Project Selection – list of finalists

The BrazilFoundation Annual Project Selection of 2011 received a total of 515 project proposals in the areas of Education, Health, Human Rights, Participatory Development, Culture and Community Development. The Foundation’s team of analysts evaluated the projects and selected the 46 finalists. Then, as part of the selection process, BrazilFoundation staff will visit the finalists during […]

The I BrazilFoundation Gala MIAMI

For years BrazilFoundation has been doing small activities in Florida and has always dreamed of expanding its presence in the region. In 2012, thanks to the support of an engaged committee of volunteers willing to help, BrazilFoundation decided to hold its first Gala in Miami.   The I BrazilFoundation Gala MIAMI will take place on […]

THE CARIOCA FUND: “My Photographic Rio” Exhibit

The Carioca Fund organized the “My Photographic Rio” photo exhibit, which opened on Saturday, February 4th in Rio de Janeiro.  The exhibit showcases photographs taken by young residents from five communities where the Pacifying Police Units (Unidade de Policia Pacificadora – UPP) have established a presence: Morro dos Prazeres, Fogueteiro, Morro da Babilônia, Chapéu-Mangueira, and […]

BrazilFoundation’s Development Officer represents the Foundation at the Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability (JIUS)

Thiago Guimarães, BrazilFoundation’s Development Officer, represented the Foundation at the January 12 meetings for the Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability (JIUS), an initiative by the Brazilian and United States government to promote “green economy” in Rio de Janeiro as the city prepares for the coming mega events (Soccer World Cup and Olympic games). Private, public […]

BrazilFoundation’s Vice President represents Brazil at the Leadership Awards Fellowship Program in Australia

Susane Worcman was invited by the University of Queensland of Australia to attend the Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship Program. Along with members of 9 other Latin American countries, Susane will be only participant from Brazil. The Program, which will take place in Brisbane from January 29th until February 25th, offers to further develop leadership competencies and […]

What to do with your Billion?

By Pedro Werneck* In August 2010, 40 American millionaires agreed to donate half of their fortunes to charity, in response to a request made by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the richest men in the world. David Rockefeller, Ted Turner and Michael Bloomberg are among the ones who joined the initiative. The American […]

Rio+20: pre-registration for participation in the preparatory meeting and in the Conference by relevant NGOs and other major groups is now open

Source: CSO-Net, ECOSOC Civil Society Network The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, “Rio +20”, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20 to 22 June 2012. The conference will be preceeded by the third Preparatory Committee meeting of the Conference from 13 to 15 June 2012. In accordance with General Assembly resolution […]

Brazilian International Press Awards: Cast Your Vote!

Voting for the 15th edition of the Brazilian International Press Awards-USA ends on January 25th 2012, to cast your vote please click here. BrazilFoundation is competing in the “Organizations for Community Action”  category! The Brazilian International Press Awards mission is to celebrate the culture and positive image of Brazil and Brazilians abroad, through the recognition […]

5 Challenges for the Nonprofit World in 2012

By Suzanne Perry, Caroline Preston, and Nicole Wallace Font: The Chronicle of  Philanthropy, The still-troubled economy will loom large over charities in the coming year, but simply keeping the lights on won’t be the only problem organizations will face. All sorts of nonprofits, including deep-pocketed grant makers, are likely to struggle with the following […]