The Grota group shines once again

15 years of the Grota String Orchestra: “The sound that was born in a garden.” The Grota String Orchestra, of the Grota Cultural Center, celebrated its 15th anniversary with a beautiful concert at the Municipal Theater in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro on August 10th. Cassandra Nattrass, a volunteer at BrazilFoundation through AIESEC, an NGO that […]

BrazilFoundation proposes the creation of the Carioca Fund with a focus on At-Risk Youth

The Carioca Fund was proposed by BrazilFoundation’s President, Leona Forman, on December 10, 2009, at Rio de Janeiro’s City Council, during a ceremony in which she was granted the title of Honorary Citizenship of Rio. The Carioca Fund aims to aggregate the interest and resources of individuals and corporations in Rio de Janeiro, to receive […]

The Street Carnival Group Loucura Suburbana celebrates 10 years

One week before Carnival, Loucura Suburbana (Suburban Madness) took over the streets of the Engenho de Dentro neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro, where more than 200 revelers celebrated the groups’ 10th Anniversary. Patients from the Institute and other psychiatric centers from Rio, along with relatives and staff members from the Nise da Silveira, marched together […]