One hundred interviews were conducted as the first part of the Project BrazilFoundation 10 Years, which we call “Memories”. Each of the 20 participating organizations selected five key people, who they interviewed. The purpose of these interviews is to record each organization’s trajectory.  The material collected is being analyzed by Museu da Pessoa (Museum of the Person,) BrazilFoundation’s partner on this project.  The history of BrazilFoundation will also be compiled based on interviews with some of those who were important to the Foundation. The testimonials below attest to the importance of recording these organizational histories.


 “Most of the people interviewed were very touched while telling their stories. The artists identified themselves with the history of the organization, which is also part of their own history. They were very spontaneous and candid while answering the questions and did not hide the emotion to tell their life stories. Recording our memories with the help of qualified professionals was a great success for Estação da Cultura (Culture Station). It’s amazing the importance of the Project 10 years considering that the history of our institution is permeated by emotions and resistance. This project is not only protecting the heritage of our organization, but is also preserving the memories and history of the city.”

Raphaella Araujo – Estação da Cultura


“We were surprised during this process at how Barraca da Amizade has grown throughout these years, how many challenges we have overcome, and the positive impact we have had on so many people. The most important thing during this process is the possibility to create a consciousness and awareness of the organization amongst all employees.  We realized the importance of keeping records of what happened, and the importance of systematizing this story in order to strengthen the institution’s identity.”

Brigitte Louchez – Associação Barraca da Amizade

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