Six Projects to Be Funded Through Partnership
with Fundo Pranay

BrazilFoundation is proud to announce investment in six social projects in Brazil through a new partnership with Fundo Pranay. Each project will receive an investment of R$30,000 over a period of one year. Co-investment partnerships such as this help to create lasting impact and strengthen philanthropy in Brazil.  

Five of the six chosen projects to receive investment are previous BrazilFoundation grantees. Learn about the work of each organization here:

Abraço Campeão in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, uses boxing as an educational and personal development tool for youth in Complexo do Alemão.

Abraço Cultural in São Paulo, SP is a language school that provide income generation opportunities and social inclusion for the refugee community in Brazil.

Acolhida na Colônia in Santa Rosa de Lima, SC, is an organization that develops and extends ecotourism to family farms in the state.

Associação Coletivo Popular de Saúde e Cultura de Mandacaru in João Pessoa, PB, creates income generation opportunities for women in rural areas of the state through the commerce of organic food products.

Instituto Vila Educação in São Paulo, SP, aims to increase students’ academic and social performance and reduce behavioral problems by teaching them social-emotional skills.

Teatro do Sopro in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, treats depression and dementia in the elderly at nursing homes through clown therapy.