BrazilFoundation Awarded Instituto Doar’s Seal for Its Management and Transparency

BrazilFoundation is honored to share that it has been awarded Instituto Doar’s seal for Management and Transparency in the Nonprofit sector with an A+ rating. The objective of the seal is to establish verifiable quality standards against which Brazilian organizations can be compared. These standards can attest to the organization’s legitimacy and help a donor when deciding to support a cause.

The seal’s criteria are based on criteria developed by other Brazilian institutions that work in ICFO (International Committee on Fundraising Organizations) ethics and conduct certifications, and with regards to current realities of Brazil. The following five areas are considered for the seal: Cause and involvement strategy; representation and responsibility; organization and institutional management; strategy and finances; transparency; accountability and communication.

“Investors, supporters and donors will find a group of organizations that passed an evaluation adequate enough to help them make decisions”.

What does receiving this seal mean for BrazilFoundation? Recognition, credibility and legitimacy. To be among the dozens of organizations throughout Brazil that have received the seal is an honor and recognition that our work is done with the help of many hands and with integrity, transparency and collaboration.

See our certificate on Instituto Doar’s site here.