Sebastian Gerlic from Thydewa, an organization supported by BrazilFoundation, was in New York to attend the Gala, representing grantee organizations supported by BrazilFoundation with funds raised during the event. Taking advantage of his visit, Sebastian made a presentation to students of New York University (NYU) enrolled in a course about Brazilian culture. Sebastian presented the work developed by Thydewa with indigenous populations, which aims to promote intercultural dialogue between indigenous populations and the rest of society through the use of new communication technologies. He also presented the website, which was created for people from indigenous communities to exchange experiences and strengthen their culture.

Founded in 2002, Thydewa was a BrazilFoundation grantee in 2004, with the project Indio quer Paz, which developed activities in schools to promote understanding and respect towards the indigenous people. The organization received support again this year through the Project BrazilFoundation 10 years.

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