Quabales and Orquestra de Cordas da Grota Together Making Music

The two organizations met in Niterói to share methodologies

Quabales, from Salvador, brought the beat and the axé. Orquestra de Cordas da Grota, based in Niterói, brought the classical instruments. Both projects utilize music as a tool for social inclusion in their respective communities. Together for one week, the two groups made music and shared experiences about methodologies and musical practices.

During their time together, music teachers at Grota held workshops on musicology, while the musicians from Quabales taught the others about percussion. The week also included two public performances. Now there is even talk about recording an EP together.

Their partnership was funded through BrazilFoundation’s “Arranjos Colaborativos” (Collaborative Arrangements) program, an unprecedented initiative in the Brazilian social sector that aims to promote peer-learning between organizations through the exchange of knowledge, skills and methodologies.

“We’re very happy that we had Quabales here with us. We hope to reciprocate and honor their project by visiting Salvador. Just like us, their project transforms the lives of youths in their community” – said Alexandra Seabrá, Teacher and former student at Espaço Cultural da Grota.