The Pro-Saber SP Institute Fund of BrazilFoundation

Guarantee the right of every child to Read and Play

Pró-Saber SP was founded in 2003 in Paraisópolis, the second largest community in São Paulo. In 2019, the organization was recognized by the DOAR Institute as one of the 100 Best NGOs in Brazil and the Best NGO in the Southeast Region. Its motto is “Give everyone the same starting point,” a quote from Brazilian writer Mário Quintana. The organization’s mission is to contribute to the end of inequality by guaranteeing and defending the right of every child to read and play.

Pró-Saber SP works with incentive programs and access to reading for children and young people, from 4 to 18 years old. The students develop writing and reading skills, listen to stories daily, participate in literary events, socialize and learn games, accompanied by educators.

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