Location Ibimirim, PE
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Education and Culture

O Campo é o Meu Lugar

Fostering entrepreneurialism in rural youth and facilitating farm succession planning

Rural youth encounter challenges that threaten the continuation and viability of family farming, which leads them to migrate to urban centers in search of work. SERTA aims to promote rural youth potential by encouraging them to adopt technologies and sustainable farming practices to generate income, improve the land and stay in the countryside. The organization uses local knowledge to promote innovation, transformation and social inclusion.

The project proposes to strengthen the organization, focusing on sustainability. The grant will help them to improve their monitoring, institutional management, communications and fundraising. The project also aims to provide more support for the projects of rural youth, former and current students of SERTA’s technical agroecology course, and guidance for successful family farm succession.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project aims to provide:

• Continuing education for the team;
• Investment in programs and tools for management, monitoring and fundraising communications;
• Support for rural youth inclusion projects;
• Outreach and innovation for alternative technologies in the SERTA youth network.


Institutional development and strengthening
Support for rural youth entrepreneurialism
More than 2,000 youths from 130 cities already trained

“We must create possibilities for the rural youth to share their potential, which provides them access to training and opportunities to stay in their communities.” – SERTA team