Location Rio de Janeiro (Zona Sul), RJ
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Health

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Saúde Criança – Ampliando Horizontes

Supporting Families Who Have Children With Chronic Illnesses

The Baixada Fluminense region, where most of the families are headed by women, has some of the lowest Human Development Indicators in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Saúde Criança promotes comprehensive services in health, education, professional training, housing, and civic engagement to help change the unfortunate realities for families served by hospitals in the region.

Saúde Criança’s approach to helping families has managed to reduce the hospital readmission rate of children to zero,  as well as reduce by 60% the rate of complications that arise during the child’s first hospitalization. Since the project began,  95 families and around 374 people have been reached.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project intends to:

• Increase the number of families benefited by Saúde Criança by 40%;
• Make Saúde Criança’s work more sustainable.


• 35 families attended regularly through December 2015
• 140 people directly benefited
• 300 indirect beneficiaries

“We work so that the families of at-risk children can become independent” – Cida Paranhos – General Coordinator of Child Health Association