Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Educa Viela

Academic reinforcement to improve literacy for children and adolescents in Jardim São Luís

Projeto Viela was born with the purpose of offering culture and sports to young people in Jardim Ibirapuera and supporting them in their life’s work while valuing the respect and coexistence of community. Educa Viela has already directly served over 1,400 children and young people.

Educa Viela emerges as a strategy for the appropriation of space in the community. The idea is to provide critical awareness of learning processes, so that they are constructive and engaging for children and young people in the community. In addition to educational support activities, Educa Viela seeks to strengthen young people’s perception of their own potential, which may be the first step in the transformation of the community itself.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Projeto Viela will carry out:

• Literacy support classes;
• Educational workshops with theoretical and practical activities;
• Citizenship training workshops;
• Sporting activities.


Empowering young people in Jardim ibirapuera
Cognitive development of project participants
Increasing and deepening community engagement

“The idea is for young people to realize that in their own community there is learning and creation of solutions to their challenges, personal and collective.” – Projeto Viela team