Location Curitiba, PR
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Education and Culture

Mobilização Educacional para o Uso Saudável e Seguro de Tecnologias Digitais por Crianças e Adolescentes

Training Teachers, Families and Advocates to Promote the Conscious and Safe Use of Digital Technologies among Children and Adolescents

The excessive use of digital technologies in children and adolescents pose great security risks for them and can cause great damage to their relationships and mental and physical health. Execessive use can lead to problems including: physically inactive lifestyles, carpel tunnel syndrome, attention disorders, disinterest, social isolation, cyberbullying, technological dependence, and risks of falling victim to pedophiles or exposure to pornography, among others.

Instituto Tecnologia e Dignidade Humana works to spread awareness on the healthy, ethical and safe use of digital technologies to families, schools, and communities. By training leaders in schools to spread this awareness, the Institute believes it can help protect children and adolescents from the dangers of digital technologies while encouraging their psychosocial, intellectual and cultural development.

With support from BrazilFoundation the Association will:

• Train 500 people across 10 public schools in Curitiba and surrounding regions;
• Impact more than 300 teachers and 200 public school staff;
• Produce classroom materials, logs and data for a site to spread awareness.


Healthy and safe use of digital technology shared
500 people spreading awareness
Children and adolescents using digital technology safely

“We can make efforts to create a digital protection network by training people to spread awareness on the safe use of digital technologies.” – I-T&DH Team