Location Jaraguá do Sul, SC
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Água e Biodiversidade da Serra do Mar

Environmental Education and River Cleanup in Serra do Mar, Jaraguá do Sul

Jaraguá do Sul faces a serious problems with population growth and environmental degradation due to the immigration of low-income families from various regions of Brazil in search of job opportunities. This scenario threatens the water resources and economic development of Jaraguá do Sul, putting the valuable natural patrimony of Serra do Mar one of the last extensive and well preserved areas of Atlantic Forest in the country at risk.
The Rã-bugio Institute promotes environmental education in the region, impacting more than 63,000 people through its activities, which include awareness to preserve Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity, as well as guaranteeing water supply for the population. The project will install septic tanks to reduce sanitary sewage pollution in the river that supplies the population. In addition, it will mobilize the community around environmental education to solve environmental problems in the region.

With support from BrazilFoundation, The Rã-bugio Institute aims to:

• Install 15 septic tanks with filters for 15 low-income families;
• Implement an environmental education program with 520 students and 30 public school teachers;
• Conduct water quality analyses;
• Hold workshops and meetings with region residents.


15 families receiving septic tanks
Reduce pollution from sanitary sewage
520 students multiplying good environmental practices

“They will have a better quality of life with unpolluted rivers, without the bad smell and without therisk of contracting diseases…” Team Rã Bugio