Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Health

Projeto Paloma

Physiotherapy Promoting Health for Residents of Complexo do Alemão

Complexo do Alemão, a community of 65,000 residents, faces great financial, cultural, social – especially health – challenges and limitations, according to the 2010 IBGE census. The Paloma project provides free physical therapy services to residents there and in surrounding neighborhoods. More than 8,000 people, all of which were referred by regional clinics, have received its services over the past 10 years.

Through support from the community and local businesses, Paloma was able to build an entire clinic so that it could reach more people and provide better services. The Instituto Movimento e Vida clinic today has: space to treat adults, children cancer patients, handicap-accessible bathrooms, spaces for reading and learning, educational games, and all necessary equipment for the offered treatments.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the institute aims to:

• Provide the services in the new space adapted and complete for the treatments;
• Provide around 100 people per day with complete physical therapy services, including: CPR (Global Posture Re-education), neurological, orthopedic, rheumatoid and respiratory services;
• Become a reference for the city in physical therapy services;
• Provide residents greater independence in their everyday lives, like leisure and professional activities.


Free, high-quality physical therapy
100 patients reached everyday
Physical therapy for Complexo do Alemão residents

“This project will promote health by providing free, high-quality physical therapy services with love and care to the Complexo do Alemão community.” – Monica Cirne, Founder