Location São Cristóvão, SE
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Irradiando Conhecimento

Creative and interactive education for children, strengthening the foundation that facilitates the teaching and learning processes

Irradiar arose from a political-pedagogical proposal to see Brazilian Education methodologies transformed and accessible to all. The focus of the organization is to work in a process of continual discovery and build knowledge through creative and experimental stimulation. The organization seeks to improve children’s cognitive performances by constructing a complete methodology, based on creative education.

The project trains 20 children through complementary education, offering extended learning and robotics workshops to improve cognitive and academic performance; and that act as the basis of knowledge acquisition, surpassing the expectations of traditional school reinforcement.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Association proposes to:

• Conduct pedagogical research and improve Irradiar’s methodology;
• Hold extended learning and robotics workshops;
• Improve and construct didactic games aligned with the pedagogical goals of the Institution;
• Train volunteers to replicate the methodology.


Children with better school performance
Encouragement of creativity and experimentation to build knowledge
Strengthening the foundation of the learning process

“[The project] Brings concrete life-changing opportunity to these children through a new insight into learning.” – Instituto Irradiar team

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