Location Salvador, BA
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Education and Culture

Fazendo Acontecer a Educação com o Esporte

Training educators to use sports as an inclusion and socialization tool for children and adolescents

Instituto Fazer Acontecer uses sports to promote education and citizenship in children and adolescents from vulnerable communities. It trains educators to use the “Esport3” methodology, a practice that uses games to encourage dialogue, personal skill development and self expression with students.

The Instituto works in partnership with the state of Bahia aiming to change public policies – demonstrating the relevance of the public sector replicating methodologies in the communities they serve. As of 2018, 65% of the participating cities adhered to the methodology and continued the program.

The project will be realized in Castelo Branco, a low-income neighborhood in Salvador that faces challenges in guaranteeing human rights for its residents. The project proposes to train 30 instructors to hold activities with 60 neighborhood adolescents and youths, encouraging equal participation between boys and girls.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Instituto Fazer Acontecer aims to provide:

• Training for 30 public school teachers;
• Activities for 60 adolescents from Castelo Branco;
• Two exchanges and a festival with groups from different cities.


6,000 children and adolescents already served
30 instructors trained
60 teens broadening their personal skills

“We use the playful and educational side of sports to spread values ​​such as solidarity, respect, honesty, and cooperation.” – Instituto Fazer Acontecer Team