Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Education and Culture

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Movimento Sitiê: agricultura urbana, reflorestamento e cidadania

An Eco-Park Promoting Environmental Education, Integration and Sustainability in Vidigal

Vidigal is a densely populated neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro of 25,000 residents, majority of which is young and earning half the city’s average monthly income. Its infrastructure has been neglected for decades, resulting in problems such as: lack of health, education, and garbage collection services; basic infrastructure deficiencies including access to water, plumbing, and electricity; high rates of violence; damaged sidewalks and streets; and few green public spaces.

In 2006, two residents recovered an abandoned lot that had accumulated waste for more than 20 years. Parts of the 16 tons of garbage removed were used to construct Sitiê Park – a community space for leisure, education and environmental awareness. In 2012 the park was recognized as the first agroforest in Rio de Janeiro, and aims to become the first sustainable favela in the world. The park has generated 9 green jobs, and produces more than one ton of produce for its residents. Moreover, it provides environmental education, arts, programming and robotics courses for over 35,000 children and residents each year.

The “Movimento Sitiê” project proposes to refine and strengthen its methodology, and scale its initiatives both inside and outside the Vidigal Community.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Sitiê aims to:

• Expand the area of park and gardens by more than 4500 m2 (a 53% increase), with two new seedling nurseries and one compost bin;
• Expand the park’s eco-tourism activities on its trails;
• Hold three public events on topics such as public policy, urbanism, and technology;
• Offer 12 workshops for 300 children, parents and residents on reforestation, urban agriculture, landscaping, and design with recycled materials.


300 people in environmental workshops
4,500 m2 park area expansion
Greater ecotourism for community

“Our vision is to see Sitiê lead Vidigal into becoming the first integrated, sustainable and resilient favela in the world.” – Park Sitiê Team