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Instituto Desiderata

A Brazilian nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health solutions for children and teenagers in Rio de Janeiro

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children and youth ages 1 to 19 in Brazil. With early diagnosis and effective treatment, the chances of survival could reach 80%.

Founded in 2003, Instituto Desiderata is a privately-owned NGO that has always been innovative in its partnerships with the public sector in the health care area. Over the years, Instituto Desiderata has supported the implementation of public policies that promote early diagnosis and accessible quality treatment for children and teenagers in Rio de Janeiro.

Instituto Desiderata has set up training courses for healthcare professionals and made childhood cancer treatment places friendlier and warmer. The Institute also uses advocacy, which is an essential element in all of its initiatives, to influence public sector managers to improve public health services for children.

Instituto Desiderata has the capability, willingness and infrastructure to accomplish much more. Your donation can help them accomplish their mission.


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