Location Aquidauana, MS
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Education and Culture


Training Teachers for the Preservation of Terena Language and Culture

The Indigenous School System in Miranda, MS, unfortunately lacks appropriate materials to train teachers to meet demands specific to the community – such as conducting classes in the Terena language.  Classrooms also lack teaching materials on local language and traditions. Quite often indigenous teachers are restricted to using traditional teaching models, and do not receive the encouragement needed to promote intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding.

The indigenous Terena language is a crucial component of cultural events including songs, myths and prayers. The Museu do Indio (Museum of the Indigenous) notes that Brazil could lose 30% of its indigenous languages ​​in the next 15 years. Of the eight existing indigenous ethnic groups in the country, three no longer speak their original language.

With support from BrazilFoundation, IPEDI will:

• Train teachers from indigenous communities in Terena language and culture;
• Encourage the preservation of the Terena language;
• Promote new teaching methodologies for early childhood education.


• 40 teachers trained from the Miranda/MS region
• 500 indigenous kindergarteners reached
• 8,398 community members indirectly benefited

“Indigenous education for young children cannot be the responsibility of just one person – not even one teacher. It takes a community; people coming together, sharing responsibilities, and sharing spaces. ” – IPEDI Team