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Hospital de Amor

The best cancer treatment and screening for those who need it most

Considered a Latin American reference in Oncology, Hospital de Amor (the current name of the Barretos Cancer Hospital) attends more than 6,000 patients daily for free. The entity receives people from all over Brazil and other countries in South America with excellent and humanized care. Their work is only possible thanks to the support of several society sectors, including companies, artists and individuals who believe in the cause of fighting cancer.

Even with its huge deficit (more than US$ 5.5 million per month), the entity has several units for treatment and early cancer detection all over Brazil. The institution ended 2018 having offered 948,842 consults to 192,215 patients from 2,167 municipalities in all of the Brazilian states. The hospital relies on the work of 380 doctors and more than 3,500 employees.

Help Hospital de Amor to continue offering the best possible cancer care for those who can’t afford it. Learn more about their work at www.hospitaldeamor.com.br

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