Location Juazeiro, BA
Grantee Donor Advised Grantee
Attended areas Education and CultureHealth

Fundação Lar Feliz

Comprehensive Care for Children and Families in Juazeiro, Bahia

Fundação Lar Feliz (Happy Home Foundation), founded in 1998, provides comprehensive care for families and children from 0 to 12 years of age from a community in Juazeiro, Bahia, a region marked by considerable poverty that lacks essential services like clean water, basic sanitation and paved roads as well as quality services for young children. Most of the children’s families live in precarious housing and rely on government assistance programs as their principle source of income. In this environment, rates of violence, malnutrition, child abuse and sexual exploitation are high.

The organization aims to promote healthy, happy children by providing them five meals a day, medical, dental and psychological care, as well as sports, education and cultural activities. The organization also works with the children’s families, offering them workshops and professional training courses to generate income. The entire Fundação Lar Feliz staff are generous volunteers.

Its partnership with BrazilFoundation:

Fundação Lar Feliz received its first grant from BrazilFoundation in 2014, which was used to provide much-needed training to its staff and orientation for parents to improve adult-child relations. Since then, the organization has received additional support from BrazilFoundation to develop its organizational and financial management so that it can continue to operate, as well as strengthen and expand its educational projects.


520 children currently attended
More than 350 parents, youth and children reached through its citizenship and income generation program

How your donation can help:

Fundação Lar Feliz is committed to helping residents overcome the challenges of poverty in Juazeiro. Your donation can help ensure that Lar Feliz continues its crucial work for children and families there. 

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