Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Education and Culture

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Spectaculu em 5 Minutos

Technical training and job placement for youth in the audiovisual and cultural fields

There is a big market for events and entertainment in the city of Rio de Janeiro. However, there is a shortage of labor qualified to work in such fields. Youth who are interested in working in the area face obstacles to employment, including: lack of consistent training in the arts; lack of knowledge to articulate their skills to potential employers; and transportation challenges due to the city’s high crime rate.

Since 1999 Spectaculu has worked with youth developing their cognitive, artistic, and interpersonal skills, with the objective of preparing them for the workforce in the events, artistic and technology fields. Its centrally-located office in Rio de Janeiro allows Spectaculu to reach youths from 200 neighboring favelas.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Spectaculu aims to:

• Train 215 youths to work in events and technology;
• Expand and articulate teaching methods to be utilized in public schools;
• Reach more youth and reduce program evasion;
• Help the students produce videos that capture the creative process.


215 youths trained to work in the arts and technology fields
Jobs and income opportunities created
Greater self esteem and self esteem for Rio’s youth

“Spectaculu was the door to a new life path. It helped me to develop my professional identity.”- Gabriella Fernandes, Propmaster and costume designer, Sewing & Costume 2013