Location Tupana, AM
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Centro de Saberes da Floresta

Creating an Innovation Center for Women and Youth in the Riverside Community of Tupana

Despite having rich traditions and natural resources, riverside populations often have inadequate resources or infrastructure to produce their handcrafts. Due to this, they also face difficulty passing their artisanal techniques down to the youth, resulting in cultural loss and missed opportunities for income generation. Casa do Rio has been working with people in the communities of the Castanho, Mamori, Tupana and Igapó Açu rivers to promote sustainable local development, job and income creation, and artisanal identity preservation.
This project will enable the establishment of an innovation center for young people and women of the region. As an epicenter for the exchange of knowledge, people can seek to offer solutions to social, economic, environmental and cultural problems faced by the region.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Casa do Rio aims to:

• Structure and equip a physical space for their knowledge center;
• Hold meetings to mobilize and create dialogue in the communities;
• Train young entrepreneurs;
• Provide training, production and marketing of handcrafted products;
• Carry out cultural activities and events.


38 artisan women benefited
45 youth benefited
Training, mobilization and articulation of riverside populations

“We believe in sharing knowledge, in different ways of building and living in the world, and in the awareness and transformation of people.” – Thiago Azambuja, Project Coordinator