Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Um toque de empreendedorismo – Empreendendo com arte

Developing musical, professional and personal skills in young musicians

Formal music education often does not teach students how to begin their own professional musical journeys. As a consequence, many talented young musicians get lost and surrender their passion to pursue more lucrative professions, sometimes even resulting in underemployment.

Camerata is an orchestra formed by young people from various locations throughout Rio, using music to build bridges in one of the most divided cities in the world, and to promote peace in areas with high levels of violence. Their project will aim to create a collaborative network of specialists, who work in the creative economy, to train young musicians from Rio’s communities in music production and entrepreneurship. These musicians will then replicate what they learn in their communities and other projects.

With support from Vivo à Beira, Camerata Laranjeiras aims to:

• Offer workshops on marketing, social media, project design and management, and entrepreneurship;
• Stimulate the creation of new business models in music production;
• Create a collaborative network between youth and mentors;
• Empower youth to begin in their musical careers.


20 young musicians trained to work in music
Musicians replicating models in their communities
Income generation opportunities for youth

We see the orchestra as a tool for change and the musicians as agents for this change.” – Tiago Cosmo, Founder