Location Fortaleza, CE
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Education and Culture

Elos para Construção da Cidadania

Helping keep low-income youth in school and improve their family and community relationships

Primeira Chance is composed of a group of young executives who provide public school students with the same opportunities that they had: quality education and personal and professional training. The initiative is a support network for students to develop their talents and broaden their skills and competencies. Support includes scholarships, transportation, housing, food, and psychosocial support as well as academic performance monitoring and assistance for students build career plans

Currently, 85 Elementary and Middle School students receive scholarships. The majority are migrants from the countryside, and must adapt to a radical life change. With comprehensive training and development, the project will fortify the support to the scholarship recipients, identifying their talents and needs and promoting confidence and autonomy – key elements to ensure the permanence of these young people in the educational system

With support from BrazilFoundation, Primeira Chance aims to:

• Hold lectures to help students overcome difficulties and challenges;
• Provide workshops to deal with issues such as citizenship, strengthening of ties, ethics and social and cultural responsibility;
• Encourage student creativity through photography workshops.


Social inclusion of low-income youth through education
85 low-income youths currently receiving access to quality education and personal and professional development
Providing professional opportunities and training

“Train quality professionals who will help change the reality of their own families, and even their hometowns.”