Location Mariana, MG
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Aquisição de insumos para agroindústria de geleia de pimenta biquinho

Generating Income and Opportunities by Expanding the Local Production of Pepper Jams

AHOBERO was experiencing growth in its pepper jam-producing activities in the district of Bento Rodrigues when the dams in Mariana burst in November of 2015. The jam was an important source of income for residents in Bento Rodrigues, but when the disaster struck, 1,500 pepper trees were destroyed, impacting the production. The equipment was recovered, and the organization is now operating in a temporary space in Mariana. However, the organization now needs financial support to expand its production.

Founded in 2002, AHOBERO’s main objective is to create jobs and opportunities for income generation. The pepper jam it produces has a great market value, and its versatility allows it to be consumed with meat, cheese, bread, and even ice cream.

With support from BrazilFoundation, AHOBERO aims to:

• Obtain jars, packaging and labels for the products;
• Produce spicy jams to generate greater product value;
• Increase production to meet the existing demand and new markets by participating in fairs, expos and by reaching out to local and regional businesses;
• Increase income and improve quality of life for residents.


Income generation opportunities for 9 people
45 people benefited indirectly
Improved process for jam production

“We participate in lots of fairs. Our goal is to export and create jobs for more women in town.” – Vardeli Fialho, president, AHOBERO