Location Itapiúna, Ceará
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Education and Culture

Cores, Livros e Vida no Semi-Árido

The Curimatã settlement, a community of 200 inhabitants in the interior of Ceará, did not have a school. The nearest school was 5 km away. With no transportation, a great number of students were forced to walk this entire distance to school. In reponse, the community mobilized itself and created a forum for governance, a cooperative, and a neighborhood association. Despite poor conditions, these institutions were used to educating children and adults in the community. The support of BrazilFoundation made it possible to reform the infrastructure of the association so that it could operate as a school. It also enabled the implementation of a library to serve the community. This project has improved access to education and culture for the inhabitants of the Curimatã settlement.

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