Thydêwá was among the organizations selected by BrazilFoundation in partnership with JAPER to develop a project focusing on the promotion of racial and ethnic equality in Brazil. With the grant, Thydêwá supported of a group of six indigenous students who developed a web portal about indigenous populations in Brazil aimed at reducing bias towards this population, while portraying the reality in which they live.

The youth come from different indigenous villages in the country and attend different schools. Through the portal, they seek to create a channel for dialogue among users through multimedia content. They also want to give support to teachers and students in learning studying the indigenous culture.

JAPER is a Joint Action Plan between Brazil and the United States, signed by both countries in March of 2008 for the Promotion of Racial and Ethnic Equality. The JAPER Call for proposals was officially launched in November 2010 featuring three support areas: Education aimed at promoting racial equality, access to justice, and the promotion of racial and ethnic fairness in the media. To learn more about it, please click here.

Founded in 2002, in the state of Bahia, Thydewá’s goal is to promote intercultural dialogue to reduce prejudice and violence through the use of new information and communications technologies for the benefit of indigenous rights and cultural preservation. To learn more about Thydewá, please click here.

The web portal