Community Innovation Award Initiatives

We would like to share with you information on the work of the Community Innovation Award initiatives (OPs).

In October BrazilFoundation launched a pioneering initiative called the “Community Innovation Award” to support informal initiatives (“Outra Paradas” in Portuguese) with up to R$5,000. BrazilFoundation invited 38 partner organizations that are part of our leadership network to act as funders within their areas of expertise and locales, contributing as mentors for the initiatives which they themselves would select. The reasons to test this new model of “shared philanthropy” were many: to fund initiatives that exist outside the radar of other foundations and even our own, because they are not formalized; to democratize decision of resource allocation; to test the idea that grantee organizations can be grantors; to encourage local leadership development and to create an ecosystem that enables the creation of new social technologies.

Below you can see the preliminary results of these initiatives which took place between March and May of 2016. Over 30,000 people have been directly impacted so far.