Partnership with Bloomberg and CharityDay to Fund Three Social Startups

The startups Escola de Notícias, Carlotas and Vozes das Comunidades da Vila Prudente were selected to receive support through BrazilFoundation’s Opportunity Fund. This wouldn’t have been possible without Bloomberg Tradebook do Brazil partnering with Charity Day, proceeds from which will fund training and educational programs in Sao Paulo.
Charity Day took place on November 4th in São Paulo. Mônica de Roure, Vice President and Executive Director of BrazilFoundation in Brazil, Sylvia Coutinho, CEO of UBS Brasil, and Geraldo Coelho, Sales Chief at Bloomberg, discussed ways through which the financial sector can involve their staff and clients to support the community.

Grupo Comunitário Vozes da Vila Prudente will use the funding to train another 80 students in using communications to promote awareness and community engagement, encourage entrepreneurship, and stimulate culture.

Escola de Notícias will provide training and guidance on audiovisual production to 60 youths ages 16 to 24 in Campo Limpo, São Paulo, focusing on prep for the workforce in the communications field.

Carlotas, in Cidade Dutra, will offer after-school art and play activities for around 180 children and adolescents.
According to Glenn Lesko, President and CEO of Bloomberg Tradebook, “Charity Day will not only give us an opportunity to give back, but also inspire our employees, clients, and others to do more to help their local communities through volunteering and giving donations.”


Charity Day