BrazilFoundation Reveals Organizations to Receive Grants for Institutional Development in 2019

In 2018 BrazilFoundation received financial resources to invest in institutional development of BrazilFoundation grantees that promote local development. The aim is to provide organizations with resources to strategically invest in areas that can improve their operational and programmatic management and hence overall capacity to promote social change in the long term.

Last year, in its first year, ten organizations received R$ 80,000 each to invest in areas according to their particular demands. In 2019 BrazilFoundation renewed this partnership to continue this model of strategic support to help organizations and the nonprofit sector to grow.

“Continuing this line of support is fundamental for strengthening civil society organizations. We are seeing firsthand the positive impact that this support is having on the institutional lifecycle of the organizations supported”, says Maria Cecilia Oswaldo Cruz, Programs Director at BrazilFoundation.

It’s with much joy that we share the list of ten organizations to receive investment for institutional development in 2019. Two of the organizations are receiving renewed support for showing excellent work and results in their first year.

Associação de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico de Tauá – ADETT | Tauá, CE
Building a space to teach information and communications technology and strengthen an entrepreneurial culture in Tauá

Associação Querubins | Belo Horizonte, MG
Integral education and civic training for vulnerable children and youth

Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge | Alto Paraíso de Goiás, GO
Sociocultural activities to improve life quality, protect the environment and preserve culture

CENEP – Centro de Educação Popular | Nova Palmeira, PB
Initiatives in education, health, environment and culture for the Nova Palmeira community

Fundação Angélica Goulart | Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Strengthening community ties, promoting civic engagement and upholding children’s rights through multidisciplinary activities

Fundação Brasil Cidadão | Icapuí, CE
Using education, culture and technology to encourage local leadership and development

Instituição Plano B | Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE
Promoting local development by offering Integral education for children and adolescents and professional training for youth

Instituto de Pesquisa e Diversidade Intercultural – Ipedi | Miranda, MS
Strengthening identity in indigenous and riverside communities through education

Tapera das Artes | Aquiraz, CE
Promoting personal development in children and youth through culture and music education

Um Chute Para o Futuro | Foz do Iguaçu, PR
Sports, recreational and arts activities for the educational and cultural development of children and adolescents