2017 Project Selection

The 2017 BrazilFoundation Project Selection will be held this year by invitation only. The organizations invited to participate were chosen by our network of supporters, and will be contacted directly to submit their proposals between October 10th and November 13th, 2016. Proposals must be innovative, must clearly articulate methodologies, have community support, and have the potential to influence policy public. The BrazilFoundation Project Selection is held in two formats: every two years there is an open call for proposals which invites civil society organizations to submit proposals that focus on improving the socio-economic and social justice conditions in Brazil; and every other year, specific organizations recommended by our networks are invited to submit proposals.

BrazilFoundation invests in civil society, non-profit organizations that align with its mission to support initiatives that contribute to transforming the social reality of Brazil in the areas of Education and Cultures; Health; Socio-economic Development; Human Rights and Civic Engagement, and Social Enterprise. In addition to financial support, BrazilFoundation offers workshops that help organizations improve tools for Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Fundraising, Institutional Communications, Collaboration and Partnerships.