We are thrilled to announce that Mônica de Roure will succeed Susane Worcman as BrazilFoundation’s new Vice President and Executive Director. She comes to BrazilFoundation after four years as the Director of the Brazil Program and International Operations for Latin America and Africa at Ashoka Innovators for the Public. Throughout her career, she has acted as a consultant for a diverse set of public and private organizations both nationally and internationally. Moreover, she has played a key role in the creation and establishment of Social Investment Funds, Foundations and Institutions of national and international reach. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from UERJ and a Masters in social and cultural history from PUC-RJ.

After 13 years as the Executive Director and Vice- President of BrazilFoundation, Susane Worcman is retiring. She dedicated herself to the organization with great effort and a sense of responsibility. We are grateful for her commitment and sensibility she demonstrated towards the social problems facing Brazil, qualities that were crucial for the development of BrazilFoundation.

1 - Monica de Roure                  Mônica de Roure, Patrícia Lobaccaro e Susdane Worcman