It doesn’t take much to help!

BrazilFoundation’s “Abrace o Brasil” campaign is gaining great momentum. People from all around the world are embracing the campaign – and there is no lack of creativity from those willing to help.

For her 15th birthday, Luana Esteves Santos decided to ask for donations instead of gifts. Her friends came together at her house, along with Founder of Fa.Vela, João Souza, to learn about the organization’s work with entrepreneurs from communities across Belo Horizonte. Fa.Vela’s work began when a group of young people who had had access to higher education, like João, decided to share what they had learned with those who had not had the same educational opportunities. Luana was inspired to do this by her parents Adriana Esteves and Ricardinho, ex Cruzeiro soccer player. Altogether she collected R$1,350 from the party, which will go to help train entrepreneurs and accelerate small businesses in the city.

In Miami, 30 children from Gulliver school organized a bingo night to collect resources for Orquestra da Grota, an organization that offers music classes to children and young people from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. The bingo raised US$1,500 (R$ 4,950); 100% of the resources will go to purchase new instruments and perform concerts at public schools. The bingo was made possible by the children’s mothers Fernanda Gavazzi, Patricia Andrade, Milena Liberman, Karina Gutglas, Patrícia Andrade and Priscila Fogel.

The Abrace o Brasil campaign is mobilizing people around the world to support 100 organizations performing important work in Brazil. Have you chosen a cause to embrace? Go to and make a donation. Together we can build a better Brazil with each donation.